About Us

After 55 years of collective experience in the food industry that includes over 30 cafes, restaurants, bakeries, fruit shops and function centers Ruby and Roy felt the need for
a change.

A need to follow an urge, to follow a desire to produce the finest yoghurt in the history of the universe!

It seemed like a good idea at the time and with their collective experience they felt justifiably qualified. With naive innocence and no inkling of what was to follow, Ruby began to research age old recipes and Roy got to work in the factory making batch after batch searching for smooth natural yoghurt perfection.

For over 3 years they suffered heartache and despair, for every step forward it seemed they’d take 2 steps back but little Ruby and Roy had to go on, they had to persist. They had everything on the line.

Then late one Monday evening Roy felt the factory floor shake in a fateful moment of pure divine intervention. All the elements of ingredients, timing, temperature, methodology, natural chemistry and synchronicity produced the very first batch of perfect yoghurt! This was indeed the Yahoo, Yippee , Whoopee, Wow moment they’d been searching for.

However, the hard yards we far from over. Producing a fully natural product that was vulnerable to seasonal ingredient fluctuations with no artificial modifications, created a fresh problem…. “Can we do it again” Roy toiled.

They searched far and wide across Australia, again testing hundreds of different variations to establish sustainable and consistent quality that was worthy of their approval.

Day after day, test after test, the seemingly impossible was finally achieved. Ruby and Roy, had done it. They had discovered a way to created the finest yoghurt in the history of the universe in quantities large enough for all the people with taste buds of integrity to enjoy.


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