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We have personally been supporting the Animals Australia organisation for a while, but have just recently signed up our company – so Ruby and Roy are on-going members now too!


Years ago when we started putting together our Choc Moose recipe there were some initial discussions about the type of eggs we were going to use. Basically free range eggs at that time, were more expensive and more difficult to source commercially. As a young, small business the financial aspect of using the cheap and plentiful cage eggs was a pretty logical ‘business’ argument. We personally always bought free range eggs for us at home and have long supported various animal charities so from a business point of view we felt compelled that we were not going to make our living from, or be assisted by, any animal’s abject misery and suffering – no matter how good it might make the figures look.


Now and as more time goes by free range eggs don’t cost that much more than the sad alternative and we feel happy in ourselves for making that choice. We completely share Animals Australia vision and truly hope for the end of Factory Farming.


Slow Food Forever!


In regards to donating towards this campaign, you can do so on-line here where you can make either a one-off donation, or sign up to become a monthly donor.



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