I work in an industry where taste is “king” and I don’t often write “fan letters”. But I must say (in the fine tradition of Aussie understatement) your Choc Moose is pretty damn good. Keep up the good work!

Hello Again…. Just wanted to let you know that I am addicted to your passionfruit yoghurt. Absolutely delicious!!!!

Hi to the producers of Ruby and Roy’s yoghurt.
I have just spent 10 days in Greece cruising the Greek isles and had tasted what I thought was the best yoghurt ever in Kythira. I came home thinking that it would need a return airline ticket to ever get that taste again- but then I strolled into the IGA in Annandale and saw a tub called ‘Ruby and Roy’s’ that looked ok but I was very doubtful, thought it impossible to get the taste of Kythira yoghurt. Thank God I was wrong. Thank you guys for bringing Kythria to Annandale!

Hello, I’m just sending you an email regarding your company’s chocolate mousse dessert. I bought some from our local IGA supermarket, and now i’m addicted. This product is simply the best choc mousse I have ever tasted, period! Please make sure you never cease to make this product, gonna go eat another one, all the best, cheers!

I just want to say that my partner and I tried your mango yoghurt yesterday and we are  blown away!  My partner doesn’t even like yoghurt and now he is going to start eating yours.  You are right, it is what is not in the yoghurt that appealed to me when I bought it.  It is absolutely delicious and all natural and it’s the best yoghurt I’ve ever had! Thank you and please keep making it.

Hi! I had your yogurt for the first time last week & I’ve bought 3 tubs
since. I am a yoghurt lover & I LOVE your yoghurt. The passion fruit is my favourite! It is absolutely divine! Don’t think I’ve ever contacted a company to compliment their products but with this I just had to! Thank you!!

We’ve travelled quite widely (we’re from Vancouver and visit Europe fairly often), and are perfectly willing to believe that your yoghurt is the best in the history of the universe – if not well into the universe’s future, through time-warp energy channels…!!

Thanks for a fantastic yoghurt!!
My daughter and I have just discovered it and LOVE it. I am buying a tub nearly every day.We have tasted the Vanilla, Berry & Passionfruit and can’t decide which is our favourite as we really love them all.
Thank you

I live in the US. had some of your yogurt on way to Australia. I’m hooked. I’m obsessed with it. Best ever. Would give up chocolate for it!!!!!

I had your Boysenberry yoghurt on a Qantas flight to Sydney last week. And I agree – THE most divine yoghurt in the universe!! Can you tell me if I can buy it in Adelaide, and if so, where?

I just had your chocolate mousse.  Oh you wicked people – that is too yum. I think every time you sell a tub a tooth fairy dies.  It’s so light and chocolatey and sweet.  That was really good mousse.  Thaaaank you.

I felt so very compelled to write to you after trying your Ruby and Roys Boysenberry yoghurt yesterday for the very first time. No one else makes yoghurt like you!!! I am so thrilled to have found your fabulous product & wanted to congratulate you. I am a convert. Thanks!

Can I buy your Yoghurt in Canberra?
We had it on a Qantas flight and I’ve never seen my grandson eat yoghurt with such enthusiasm. Really delicious.

I am on holidays and need to know desperately where I can get your yoghurt in canberra? I am missing it so much! Seriously though. You make the best yoghurt ever in the world. My friend and I are devoted tub and day girls!

A quick note to say that I have just discovered your yoghurt…
Had the passion fruit and the mango so far… Will definitely try them all!
I LOVE the yoghurt and love your branding. I have no idea of course how big or small your business is, but I wish you all the best – well done!